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Story descriptions for the Time travel/Historic Fiction Adventure series: The TimeBridge Journals

Book One ~ A Janus Paradox

  Book Two ~ Janus Cypher  

   In addition, discover character outlines, birthdays, family backgrounds, etc.

  A Janus Paradox
  ~ Book One in The TimeBridge Journals

   In one harrowing instant, the extraordinary soul-bond that has spanned millennia and fostered Hrogn and Ælfwyn's close kinship and burgeoning romance is threatened by the actions of 21st-century scientists working for MURC, as they attempt to force US Olympic Biathlete, Alyse Danilov, into becoming their history-mule gathering intel from the future.  Instead, as she struggles against their nightmarish protocols, she's sent reeling back in time nearly a thousand years – right into the midst of a medieval battle. There she begins to fully experience life in the guise of her soul-kin, Lady Ælfwyn Gærethsdotr, until something rips her back from that time into yet another – one that’s even more dangerous – her own.


   Soon, Sgt. Roderick will witness the cusp of the 11th century as well, through the eyes of Jarl Hrogn Hröreksson – Ælfwyn’s champion and a kinsman to Magnus III of Norway, Orkney, and the Isles.  Not unlike Roderick himself, Hrogn is fated to follow his destiny - as well as his King - in and out of battle, turmoil, and intrigue.


   All the while, the riptide in Time is becoming a vortex, sweeping Hrogn and Ælfwyn out of their own lives, to witness a mystifying array of Otherworlds, including that of 21st century Vancouver.


   With friendships erased, lives destroyed, and loves scattered to the stars, Alyse’s struggles against the competition clock are nothing compared to her desperate efforts to 'right' history. And she'll do anything it takes in order to save her Glen Roderick – still caught between their original timeline and the dark oblivion of a Time divergence, from which only Alyse has yet emerged with her memories mostly intact…

Janus Cypher
 ~ Book Two in The TimeBridge Journals 

   JANUS CYPHER Book Two opens with Alyse and Roderick still trying to fathom their unexplained sojourn at the end of Janus Paradox, where they bridged with Jarl Hrogn Hröreksson and Lady Ælfwyn Gærethsdotr 900 years in the past. The event leaves Alyse and Roderick desperate to understand what happened, what caused it and what it will take to escape the divergent timeline they're living in. 

   Roderick's call to Dr. Connie Singh, MD-Psych, an old friend of his mother and the director of UBC's Sleep Disorder Research Lab, results in several intensive sessions, with Dr. Singh.  She coaches them in a method of past-life regression, exploring her theorem of time-travel through one's soul lineage of reincarnation. Together, they begin to understand that what originally swept Roderick and Alyse out of the 21st century was some kind of eddy in the current of Time. Dr. Singh suggests its focal point is likely centered between their modern divergent timeline and Hrogn & Ælfwyn's time, suggesting the divergence was initiated somewhere with Hrogn and Ælfwyn in the past.


   As a result of the psychic stresses of their 'Bridging' sessions, Roderick and Dr. Singh witness Alyse suffering through several memory-crushes where she experiences some of the lost memories from her original timeline, as well as the superimposed memories of a life she never really lived in the divergence. These 'crushes' lead Roderick and Alyse towards uncovering the identity of those behind the on-going threats against Alyse's life, as well as her kidnappers, whom Roderick believes is one and the same. 

  As they continue their Janus-Bridging - covertly sharing consciousness with Hrogn and Ælfwyn, Alyse and Roderick begin to understand the depth of the connection their soul-kin share, while painfully reminding Alyse of the bond she once shared with Glen Roderick in their original timeline.   A further revelation from Alyse's "memory-crushes", points them towards her original kidnapping and a forced-bridging of Alyse, which may have caused her to unwittingly interfere with Ælfwyn and Hrogn's life-path, threatening to alter the fates of their soul-kin - and every reincarnation to come.  Could Alyse and Roderick's own investigations turn out to be the cause of the Time-eddy as well as the Divergence...?

Main Cadre of Characters...


Alyse Khitara Katrine Danilov

- US Olympic Athlete


  Age 30 (As of February 2010)

     Born: November 27, 1980

  Hanover, New Hampshire USA


    Anton Danilov, MD and

    Dilara (Sevim) Danilov, PhD  (Anthropology) 


 Stephan Alexander - Age: 33

 Erik Anton - Age 25

 Elena Zoya - Age 25


Glenarthur Andrew Michael Roderick, Det. Sgt. - RCMP


Age: 34 (As of Feb 2010)

Born: July 31, 1976

Stratford, Ontario Canada


Father: Jonathon Roderick - Lawyer attached to Solicitor General's Office, Ottawa

Mother: Michelle - Adj. Professor of History (Deceased)


Jason - Age 36

MacKenzie - Age 29


Lady Ælfwyn Gærethsdotr 


 Born: 9th of June 1077 AD


    Kingdom of Meath/Ireland


      Galinn Oswulfsson

      Ciara (ne Ui'Briann) Galinswif 


   None surviving

  1 Half-sibling (of low origin)


Pronunciation of name:

 2 syllables: "Ale - fwyn" 

Meaning/Origin: One with secret knowledge


Jarl Hrogn Hröreksson


Born: 23rd of March 1070 AD

Isle of Zealand - Kingdom of

    Denmark / Norway  

Age: 32 (In opening chapter)


 Father: Hrörek (Pron: Rurik) Gormrsson 

 Mother: Arnlief Aðalbriktsdottr

 Siblings: None surviving


Pronunciation of Name:

   'Ro gen Ruriks son'

Explanation of rank: Jarl - Pron: "Yarl" Norse equivalent to British rank of nobility: "Earl" attained by either birthright or King's recognition of accomplishment

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