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Reader Reviews of Janus Paradox...

 First International Review!

- Transcribed by way of private e-message from a Beta-Reader in London, England:

 - I have finished The Janus Paradox and... I LOVED IT!  What a clever, thought provoking and thoroughly enjoyable book. Can't wait for the next instalment. (when is it due?)  The book resonated with me on several levels.  I have always believed in reincarnation but [this] book takes it to a new and different level.  And then on a more prosaic level, my maternal grandfather came from the Isle of Man and my maternal grandmother from Ireland so the basis of the book was very interesting. You, Ms. Early-Smith, must have done a massive amount of research. 

Review for Janus Paradox -
2nd Draft 
Is a hundred lifetimes enough?

   A time travel/psychic meeting of spirits. This highly imaginative book takes you on a fascinating journey back and forth between the 21st century Canada and 11th century Ireland. Excellent research totally involves you with the characters of both eras. Can't wait for the second part of this gripping tale.

From UK Beta-Reader Review

2nd Draft

By Saundra  

From UK Beta Reader

5-Star  review

   Janus Paradox - 1st Draft


- Prepare to be challenged and intrigued -

 - An intriguing and challenging book by an exciting new author. A very well researched book that makes you reassess things you thought you knew as you experience transferring between the diverse worlds of the 11th century and back again to 2010. Can't wait for Book II!

 UK Beta Reader Review

By Mrs. Larson 

..Keeping My Kid's Mind
Off Her Feet...

  - This review is from: Janus Paradox: Journals of the Twinned Souls - Book One 

   ...On page 204 and LOVING THE coming soon.

   - And a follow up...junior got whiny on the way up the last hill of our hike. I had just read the part where Aelfwyn escaped and the women escaped through the soutern gate (sp?) and hid in the hawthorn bushes. As we walked I told her the story and it kept her mind off her feet..."

Submitted by Beta-Reader, Melissa Litwin

Review for:  
Janus Paradox - 1st Draft
An Interesting and Suspenseful Story...

  - This review is for: Janus Paradox: Journals of the Twinned Souls - Book One 

 "- I had a bit of a problem getting into this book, but once I got into it the pace picked up and I can't wait until the sequel comes out so I can find out what happens next. The book got better and better in spite of the slow start. All in all, it is a very good read..."

Beta Reader Review - 2nd Draft

By Sandra A. Branch

Another 5-Star Review...
  "Dynamic Story Based in
                Thorough Research"

   The book skids from dynamite to cliff in this inventive Perils of Pauline story... Initially drawn in by the slow brew between Alyce and her Mountie protector and sometimes beau, Glen, the evolving narrative of her 11th Century soul-twin, Ælfwyn, drove the page flips late into the night. I loved the moments when...I didn’t see that coming!  The story is physical, dense, and rich in inventive detail and characters to root for - even the supporting ones. I found a cozy spot in the wintry British Columbia I know and love and learned much from the rich language and well-researched details that make Ælfwyn’s story so vivid.

From Beta Reader Review...

By Melissa Litwin

3rd Darft

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