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The Time-Bridge Journals 



Bridging 101


-->Spoilers Alert - as excerpted from Janus Cypher - Book Two in The TimeBridge Journals - Chapter 2 "Lessons at the Bridge"...


   ...Still sitting at her desk, Connie Singh interjected, “I call it: ‘Bridging’.”  Glen and Alyse both looked at Connie, as she explained, “In my thesis... Bridging was the word that seemed to best describe an instance where one particular psyche or consciousness from a soul’s lineage forms a connection with another.  You see, each of us has one soul, but with each rebirth into a new life, a completely different consciousness – or psyche – is created, separate, but forever bonded to its soul.  In fact, the word, ‘Psyche’ means ‘soul’ in Greek. Think of it as your soul being the Library where dozens upon dozens of individual volumes are kept safe - completely separate, with their own author - which is to say, their own genetics, and their own editor in the form of their  life-shaping experiences - even their own cultural background as a sort of publisher... ”

   She stared at Dr. Singh for a moment, who finally asked her, “Alyse?  What is it?”


   She smiled and answered, “Uh... I’m not sure.  Maybe it’s just a coincidence, but in some of the visions I experienced during my coma, I distinctly imagined myself on a beautiful summer's day running into a park and crossing an old fashioned stone bridge. I was looking for the perfect spot to read a book - and the book was… well, the ‘book of Ælfwyn’, I guess you’d call it..."



Bridging Terms


Shift-Bridging: – Considered the most common type of bridging. SB occurs when one psyche bridges into the body of another within their lineage of souls, while bouncing the native psyche completely out of their body and into another – most often exchanging places with the bridging psyche.  It is hypothesized this is due to the fact that that particular bridging path is the most accessible.  Shift bridging can also occur as part of a multi-tiered bridging event.

   Nota Bene: Shift-Bridging would seem to most often occur spontaneously in the presence of time-eddies or time-displacement events or circumstances. However, SB can also be naturally triggered by an individual suffering a traumatic or life-threatening event, such as a Near-Death Experience (NDE) or by individuals who have already established a bridging-path with another psyches within their soul’s lineage.  Shift-Bridging may be the source of many of the legends about changelings and demon-possession, etc.


Janus-Bridging:  A naturally created bridging event where one psyche intentionally “builds a bridge” with another psyche in their soul-lineage through a combination of focused, meditative, naturopathic and biofeedback protocols with the specific goal to co-habit along with a host consciousness, which may or may not be aware of the presence of the bridged-consciousness.  This type of bridging event lasts only for a limited time and only where both psyches are connected to the same soul’s lineage. This type of bridging is best attempted only with a pair of anchored-bridgers - psyche’s from the same soul-clan, already connected to one another through many reincarnation cycles.

   NB: Janus Bridging is named for the ancient Roman god Janus– often depicted with two faces, one looking into the future, the other into the past.  Janus was one of the most ancient of all the gods in the Roman pantheon and was native to Roman mythos.  There is no similar deity in the Greek or Babylonian pantheons. Janus was often listed first among the most ancient gods of the Roman Republic.  Janus was considered the guardian of time and the god of doorways, portals and bridges – as well as beginnings and transitions. The first month of the Roman calendar is January, named for Janus.


Skip-Bridging: Situation brought on under conditions of trauma or extreme fatigue between individual psyches that have already established a bridging path.  Similar to shift-bridging, except much more fleeting and considered by some a by-product of any sort of bridging.


Force-Bridging (aka 'Forged-Bridge)The forced transfer of psyches induced by way of a combination of drugs and hypno-strobe therapy, used on individuals with specific ESP or other psychic abilities and/or with a history of other paranormal experiences, such as Near Death Experiences. 
   Example from The Janus Paradox: In Chapter 12 - "Forced to the Edge" the horrific protocols used by MURC scientists while Alyse is under extreme duress, in their attempt to force her psyche into the future in order to bring back information that MURC can use to coerce, blackmail specific individuals, or simply manipulate the stock market to make money for their PROPHET* program - as outlined in Book Two - The Janus Cypher.

   NB: Extremely dangerous, on several fronts, both for the subject’s mental health, such as  effects on short and long-term memory, as well as posing a danger to the broader timeline. 

   Force-Bridging Practiced by Technicians and Researchers with no understanding of the connection between various individual psyches and their soul-lineage, nor the danger of bridging solo – without 2 anchored bridgers from the same soul-clan an individual being force-bridged can become disoriented, developing a mixed/blended psyche, even marooned in the host psyche.

This protocol also referred to as “Forging” 


Echo-Bridging/Book-end Bridging:  One Psyche Bridging with itself between time-periods.  Requires a very highly developed skill level – quite dangerous in terms of the possibility of polluting the timeline as well as blending one’s own consciousness.


Divergent – or ‘Dead End’ Bridging:  When one psyche bridges with themselves but in a divergent or alternate timeline – highly dangerous to both psyches, if the non-native psyche does not bridge out within a few minutes.


Mirror-Bridging:  When 2 Anchored Bridgers bridge into each other or into each other’s soul lineage - EXTREMELY rare. No definitively documented cases.


Tethered Bridge: A theorized instance where two Janus-bridged psyches might be able to cross and recross into each other's native timelines together - bonded or melded together - which begs the question of how to 'un-meld' them...


*PROPHET = Profit Recovery Opportunities from Historic Events in Time


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